Wirksworth Well Dressing Walkabout 27th May

Wirksworth Well Dressing Walkabout 27th May

As a local guidebook has it, ‘visitors to Wirksworth who have the time to explore will soon find themselves in a fascinating maze of narrow streets and alleyways; they will fall in love with this old town with its listed buildings, ancient church and cobbled squares.’

Sadly, however, although three of our party were visitors to Wirksworth (albeit from only just over the hill), we did not have time to explore as there was some serious pub walkabouting to do.

Gathering her party (of Angie, Des, Matt, Sara, Ezra, Steve and me) in the Feather Star, Angie co-ordinated our route and the beer sampling began. Black Iris Endless Summer seemed to go down well. A session IPA (what isn’t, these days, although 4.5% seems ambitious for a proper session). Also tried one (can’t remember what) from the cooled-keg-strong-but-expensive range. I do like these beers but they do all seem quite similar to me.

On to the Black’s Head, where, although there were the familiar ‘Greene-King’ grumblings to be heard, we sampled a very nice pint of Deuchars IPA.

And so it was straight over to the Royal Oak who were open on a Saturday afternoon (!!!!!!). I think it might be because of the well-dressing or something (and whatever that actually is). Personal view, I must say, but although I always hope that the Feather Star will have the best beers in Wirksworth, it’s hard to beat the ale in the Oak. Not sure about the Hairy Brewers Dead Beard IPA, OK about the Raw Edge, but the Burton Bridge Brewery Bridge Bitter got me scoring 4/5 (and that takes some doing).

Although we hadn’t quite finished all the pubs in Wirksworth, most of the party now departed – Ezra for his Pennine Way training, (although we understand he says he’d prefer to be sat in his basket in front of the fire) and others variously to drag Ezra round on his training, be wheeled around the remaining pubs in a wheelbarrow (for charity of course), attend barbeques or get the last afternoon bus home for a sleep. Overall another fine trip out.

Rick G