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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Rate Your Beer

Rating Your Beer is probably the single most important thing you should do as a CAMRA member. After all, this determines which pubs make it into the Good Beer Guide

Watch these HQ produced short films for more information
Why you should score your beer
How to submit a beer score

The branch recommends we do this on You will need your membership login to do this. Search for your pub, then log in and enter your score.

Go to to enter your scores.

Also have a look at the Beer Scoring section for an intro on what the scores mean and an option to look at all your previous scorings.

whatpub Beer Scoring Info

By entering scores into WhatPub you are agreeing to the information i.e. your membership number, name, and score details (including beer, score, date, location, pub and price if selected) being made available to CAMRA branch officers. The data provided will only be used by branch officers to generate statistical analyses such as average or aggregate scores for beers or pubs, and will never be referenced back to individuals in any published information. In addition, CAMRA branches may occasionally wish to contact you in respect of a score submitted or as part of a beer scoring promotion. Also, CAMRA run a quarterly free prize draw for anyone who enters scores.