Matlock & Dales

Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Matlock & Dales 5th Beer Festival 2017 Volunteer

· Matlock & Dales Beer Festival is run entirely by unpaid volunteers who give their time to make the beer festival a success

· We would be extremely grateful if you could give some of your time to support the event in some way. There are a variety of jobs that need to be covered before, during and after the event

· In advance we need to set up the stillage and bar, when open we need people to work at the entrance, taking payments, providing glasses, programmes and selling beer tokens. We need people to serve behind the bars, and keep the venue tidy. Finally having sold all the beer and cider, we need to pack it away again and return County Hall to a pristine state

· We would really appreciate your help even if you can only give us a few hours, this would be a tremendous help

· Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped us in the past, you are amazing!! Please come along and volunteer again, we'd love to see you

Benefits Package:

• The benefits of working include a free festival tee shirt, glass and programme. Some beer vouchers and the chance to meet old friends and make new ones

• By way of a thank you we are planning a Helpers Event, one of the social events of the year

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few questions about volunteering at the Beer Festival.

• Do I need to be a CAMRA member to work?

• I don't have any experience of bar work. Can I still volunteer?
Yes. We'll provide training for whatever you end up doing

• Do I get a choice of job?
We'll do our best to give you a choice of job, but everything needs to be done. Some jobs are done on a rotation basis throughout the session

• Can I work with my friend(s)?
Hopefully you should be able to stick together for most (if not all) of a session

• Do I get free drinks?
Volunteers get a £5 beer voucher for working to enjoy once they have finished working

During set up and take down the site is 'dry', whilst work is being done
• Volunteers when working behind the bar can taste the beer in order to advise visitors but this must be in moderation, if you drink such that you're not capable of doing the job you'll be asked to stop

• Do I get free food?
Volunteers get a free meal token that can be redeemed at either food counter if they work in excess of 6 hours

• I don't drink alcohol. Does that mean I shouldn't volunteer?
You're very welcome to volunteer - we have free tea, coffee and soft drinks available

• Can I park on site?

To volunteer:

• Please complete the volunteering form. You may not hear back from us immediately, but rest assured we do want you to come

• If you have volunteered before, welcome back, we would still like you to complete the volunteering form.

• Please Note:
o You must be over the age of 18 years to work at the festival; proof of age may be required.
o For your own safety please wear stout footwear whilst we're open, so no sandals or other open toe footwear
o If you have safety footwear, please wear it during set-up and take down